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Madonna called out for paying tribute to Aretha Franklin with story...

Madonna's attempt to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin on MTV's Video Music Awards has some viewers calling out the singer for d-i-s-r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

Someone ordered a massive box of fried food and the internet...

What will £10 ($12.84) get you in this day and age? If you live in Scotland and have a rather large appetite, it could get...

Seven Premier League Football Clubs Sign Bitcoin Advertising Deal With eToro

Seven Premier League football clubs in the UK have agreed to “explore” Bitcoin and blockchain deployment in a new partnership

Rally Ahead? Bitcoin's Price May Be Charting a Previous Bull Pattern

Bitcoin is mimicking the price action witnessed in early April, which indicates the corrective rally could gather pace in the next few days.

Crypto Scam: Head of BitConnect India Arrested at Delhi Airport

Divyesh Darji, the head of BitConnect India and the alleged kingpin of a cryptocurrency scam that duped investors out of billions of dollars, was...

Chinese Police Captures Suspects after $120m Digital Currency Theft

Chinese police have captured three suspects claimed to have stolen resources worth 600 million yuan (S$120 million) through hacking as digital culprits target holders...

Resting spot for scores of WWII sailors, stern of ship found...

The USS Abner Read, a destroyer with more than 300 men aboard, exploded in 1943.

UBS Secures Former Goldman Sachs Veteran Ronald Jansen as Managing Director

By joining UBS, Jansen ends his 13-year tenure at Goldman Sachs.

$6.6K: Bitcoin Price Eyes New Target for Bull Reversal

A move past a key resistance at $6,675 would confirm a short-term bearish-to-bullish trend change in bitcoin.