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How Bitcoin’s Lightning Can Be Used for Private Messaging

Bitcoin's lightning network might have a use case beyond faster and more scalable payments, thanks to an experimental version called Whatsat.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus members get taste of 'Vida' in Hollywood

The cast of Starz dramedy "Vida" knows what life is like for Latinx creatives in Hollywood.

US Authorities Hit Yukom Owners, 13 Staff with Fraud Charges

The defendants are two business partners allegedly had ownership interests in Yukom, Yakov Cohen and Yosef Herzog

The Berlin Wall broke a city in two. 30 years after...

Germany is commemorating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with a week-long festival. An impressive 450-feet-long sculpture now floats in...

Trevor Noah goes after the vaping industry, doesn't hold back

There's a teen vaping epidemic afoot and it's become pretty clear over the last year or so that vaping companies are targeting young people...

China Decides Not to Crack Down on Bitcoin Mining

China won’t get serious about bitcoin mining, authorities have affirmed in new records. Bitcoin startup Blockstream CSO’s Samson Mow and others in the business...

Initiative Including Microsoft, Intel and IBM Introduces Token Standards

The Token Taxonomy Initiative, which boasts major tech and financial firms as members, has launched its Token Taxonomy Framework

Try not to get dizzy: Trump makes four different arguments about...

President Donald Trump's defenses of his actions often change over time. They rarely change quite as head-spinningly fast as they did on Sunday. ...

Microsoft Unveils Platform for Minting Enterprise-Ready Crypto Tokens

Microsoft has revealed a new platform aimed to make building blockchain tokens in the cloud as easy as plugging in a printer.