The patent for the original LEGO brick was filed on Jan. 28, 1958. We now commemorate that special day by celebrating International LEGO Day every Jan. 28. Or maybe you don’t, because you didn’t know International LEGO Day existed until we just told you. But you know now, and we expect you to celebrate with gusto.

LEGO feels like it has been around forever, and it has arguably never been more popular, with blockbuster film releases and actual full-sized LEGO pickup trucks seemingly the norm for the company that started out in a small town in Denmark.

To celebrate International LEGO Day in the proper way, we must consult the deals, and boy are there some great LEGO deals out there. We’ve done our best to keep this LEGO round-up as trim as possible, and have therefore selected only the very best deals.  Read more…

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