Have you dreamed of having a website with 100,000 or more users in just couple of months? The dream becomes a reality for many startups – either funded by VCs or with smart (not hard) working. What we are about to reveal to you is a free platform that will complement your growth hacking, digital marketing, and social media pages efforts!

If you struggle with getting your first blog users and leads, you are reading just the right article to overcome this major obstacle. Building a website, blog, platform, or an app from scratch takes time, it’s very expensive, and requires the most important ingredient to be successful – marketing! Not many coders or engineers understand that the product is not everything. The product they have developed is only 50% of the work. You may ask why? The answer is very simple. You may have the best product that offers the best solution to a specific problem, but if you don’t market your product well, you may not make any sales at all and actually go bankruptcy.

A major problem that many startups don’t understand is that money doesn’t come from the sky. Very little percentage of the startups worldwide actually get venture capital. What successful entrepreneurs usually say about their success rate is 1 to 200/300. If you get discouraged then you shouldn’t run a startup! Entrepreneurship is a hustle till you get to the point that you actually have a well-established operating business, but before that expect long days and nights.

Our tip will make your struggle just a bit better, so be sure to take advantage of it. Growth hacking is a new marketing term used for quick growth of either your website visitors number or for the number of users your platform has. There are so many examples of companies with great growth hacking strategies. Here’s just a few of the most well-known:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Quora
  • Youtube
  • Airbnb

WebHits.io is a new free traffic and social media exchange platform which can help you to quickly gain immediate exposure, growth of your social media fans base, and also drive genuine web visitors to your website or a platform.

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The platform has a very simple concept – open other users’ websites; watch their videos, share other users content and in exchange they will do the same. What a steal, isn’t it? Don’t wait; sign up today and start driving unlimited worldwide visitors and social media shares of your website and blog posts. The platform promises that in the next couple of months it will create a program that will fully automate your marketing efforts, so sign up and be one of the first to grow their business quickly.



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