Lorde took to the stage at the Governor’s Ball in New York City and seemed to command the skies. It looked almost certain to rain on festival-goers, but the singer would have none of it. 

“I don’t know if you know this about me, but I think of myself as a witch,” she explained, taking credit for summoning the nice weather midway through her set at Governors Ball.   

We all know Lorde is a witch. That’s why we’re here — to see the cosmos bend at her will. 

Lorde kicked off her set by emerging from a large glass box (we’ll get to that later) singing version of “Green Light” stripped down to a haunting affect with a sort of floppy sunhat seemingly fashioned from discarded bridal veils obscuring her face. But according to the laws of magic, that was just a bait and switch, and after a verse or so, she moved on to older material.  Read more…

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