We’re constantly on the hunt for the best deals on Virtual Private Network services, or VPNs for those in the know. After a while, you start to understand how the deals take shape, and there’s a few things that repeatedly crop up.

One thing we see over and over again is great deals on long-term contracts. This isn’t something we only see for VPNs of course, as pretty much any service will offer its best monthly rate for longer term plans. It’s just that, with so many VPNs to consider, it can be difficult to commit to just one for three years. 

That’s not always the case, thoughPrivate Internet Access (PIA) is offering its best value deal on its two-year plan, meaning you don’t need to commit to three years like with many of PIA’s competitors. This two-year deal works out at just £2.20 a month, and is 58% cheaper than the usual list price, saving you around £73 over the course of the contract. Read more…

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