You know how real life can be more difficult for people of color? Well now you can experience that “realism” in Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s next South Park game, too, I guess.

The upcoming South Park: The Fractured But Whole game correlates your character’s skin color to the game’s level of difficulty. Yup.

Eurogamer got its hands on The Fractured But Whole and published a video of a play-through of the beginning in the game, including the character creation process where you pick your character’s hairstyle, clothing, makeup, and skin color. 

Skin color is tied to how you experience certain aspects of the game — the lighter your skin color, the more money you can make; the darker your skin color, the harder it will be to earn money, and non-player characters in the game (NPCs) will respond differently to you. It’s the most South Park move of all South Park moves. Read more…

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