The Ziber company is the first blockchain mobile operator. The platform allows you make decentralized international calls totaled up about 1 cent.

Ziber will reward all participants of the project with tokens in exchange for free unused minutes within the network of their operators. These tokens can be used to pay calls through Ziber.

Ziber distributes 10% of tokens to all owners of Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets for free. All tied ETH and BTC wallets will be calculated and tokens will be distributed in accordance with their balance. The more the wallet balance, the more Ziber token you get. Totally 10 million Ziber will be distributed. Notice that the wallet binding ends from the date of the ICO ending. The shortest completion time is 24 hours. These tokens can be sold on any cryptocurrency exchange or used to pay for international calls in the system.

The company enters the market that currently makes up $90 billion. And it is growing at a rate of 9% per year over the past few years. Keeping the trend, the IP telephony market volume will reach $140 billion by the end of 2022. Today Skype and Viber are the industry leaders that everyone knows. One of their drawbacks for users is that companies are forced to give a part of its cost from each international call to mobile operators. That significantly increases the call cost compared to the Ziber solution.

Thanks to the decentralized blockchain solution with open source code, all Ziber clients can make free calls without deducting a penny to mobile operators. The minimum call charge will be distributed between the owners of masternodes and other clients of the Ziber service who provide their phone as a proxy server.

Full encryption of both calls and traffic allows users not to worry about its possible interception or cyber attacks. The advantage of open source code includes the ability to test it yourself for vulnerabilities or the presence of any other anomalies.

This is how Ziber works: it is completely decentralized and its source code is laid out for users. The application for Windows has already run and clients can make free calls around the world. Developers promise to run the application for Android and iOS immediately after the ICO. You can download the application and a step-by-step instruction on the website (link) of the Ziber company.

All owners of masternodes will get Ziber tokens as a reward for the implementation of the throughput process. In fact, it is a new type of mining, in other words, the token exchange for traffic that supports a distributed network around the world.

Also, all owners of smartphones with the Ziber application selling their free minutes within the network will get tokens. The cost will be calculated based on users’ region + the availability of free connections at a given time.

The launch of the ICO on the Ethereum platform will start on July 27.

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