Airbnb offers free emergency housing for people displaced by Australian bushfires

Thousands of people in Australia are being urged to flee their homes as bushfires ravage huge swaths of the country. 

Airbnb is offering free emergency accommodation for people displaced by the fires and for those helping with relief efforts in the affected states of New South Wales and Victoria. 

The devastation left in the wake of the fires is unparalleled, and they’re still burning. Nineteen people have died. 1,365 homes in NSW have been consumed by the fires. 3.5 percent of Victoria has been burned and over 11 million acres have been destroyed. 

Authorities in Victoria sent 250,000 texts to people in bushfire-affected areas asking them evacuate. And in NSW, people in a 14,000 square kilometre area have been implored to leave the area overnight. Hundreds of people were unable to evacuate after being stranded by fires and are now being rescued by sea and air.  Read more…

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