Vientiane Exchange Money will become the first international currency exchange provider that has been certified to allow cryptocurrency transactions. This is considered a momentous occasion and the importance of how new technology will play a role in peoples’ lives, offering new experiences and opportunities in future transactions.

Additionally Vientiane Exchange Money will be launching a new line of Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) the coming 1st of July, 2018 that has been equipped with cryptocurrency exchange functionalities.

The ATM will be able to process 7 currencies (including traditional and cryptocurrencies) from across the world which consists of: [1.BTC (Bitcoin) 2.Unit (Universal Currency) 3.USD (US Dollar) 4.RUB (Russian Ruble) 5.THB (Thai Bath) 6.SGD (Singapore Dollar) 7.LAK (Lao Kip)]

This is could be a game changer in how we view and use new and emerging technologies in our everyday lives, cryptocurrency transactions in everyday use can become common place in the near future.


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