There was a time in the late 00’s to early 2010’s where vampires were everywhere on TVTrue BloodThe StrainThe Vampire DiariesPenny Dreadful. People couldn’t flip through their channels without finding a sexy, blood-drinking fiend ready to devour someone both physically and metaphorically. 

While in 2018 there are still a few vampire holdouts like The Originals (which ends this summer) and the U.K.’s Van Helsing, the dominance of vampires in pop culture has waned for reasons only the elusive god of the zeitgeist could answer. It’s possible superheroes simply eclipsed them in the public eye, but this isn’t a piece about the why of television vampires. It’s a piece about the who — about Proinsias Cassidy on AMC’s Preacher, the last and perhaps best of the TV vampires.  Read more…

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