These are 2019's most bizarre concept cars

The streets would be so much more interesting if concept car designs overflowing with far-fetched ideas, jutting angles, and disconcerting shapes made it into the everyday vehicles riding on our roads. Alas, back in reality all we get are endless Priuses crowding parking lots. 

So, let’s take a moment to savor the creativity and imagination of some of the wild cars major automakers have dreamt up this year. And remember, these are all concept cars. You won’t be seeing them anytime soon. 

Hyundai Elevate

This is a four-legged walking electric vehicle. It’s intended for rescue missions in hard-to-reach-and-traverse places (like snowy mountain peaks, post-natural disaster rubble, and more) and can transform into a driveable vehicle with wheels instead of legs. It’s creepy, but functional.  Read more…

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